Starting Over, Again

Life blooms in unlikely places

Sometimes it takes a couple of goes to find what is needed for growth and personal well-being. Lord knows, I have been around that mountain more than once before. What makes today any different? I woke up, again; I got up, again; and I am taking those baby steps, again. Will you? Maybe we can help and encourage each other.

I am hesitant, and hopeful: that is HOPE-FULL, because life is full of surprises and I will never find out what is around the corner unless I walk towards it.

Maybe one day I will be able to RUN!

In the meantime, I am grateful for … many things: my children; living in Australia; and studying (again). I am not so grateful for the assignments that are due and I have yet to complete – but I am grateful for the self-reflection, development and learning that these represent.

What would I  like to change?

If I could, I would bring all offshore refugees into the Australian community, and end the heinous crimes against humanity that are being wrought in those places.

I would tell every person that they are worth it, that they are loved, that they are heard, and seen, and have a contribution to make. We all have something to bring to help each other live our best lives. 

Most importantly, I would open my mouth, and raise my voice, to speak for the sake of the planet that is dying beneath us, and around us, suffocating from plastic use and industrialisation gone rampant, destroying everything in its path.

We are at a unique time in the history of the world. Humanity has the means to create Heaven, or Hell, right here. In rising to this place of immense possibilities  and matching capability, it seems that the majority of investments are being made in service of greed and benefit of the few, leading to economic and environmental self-destruction.

I am only one person, one voice, but there are many others who are also concerned. What can I do? In my daily thoughts and prayers, in my conversations, and in my small circles, I am doing my best to live mindfully, to be authentic and connected to the source of life. I believe that far-reaching change is only possible as we each come to appreciate our deep interconnectedness.

That is enough for today.  Blessings. Namaste.