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5 Key Questions for Creating Your Best Life.

Creating your best life may seem difficult to achieve, but we all want it.  These 5 key questions will help create your own map and build a pathway towards greater satisfaction in life, both now and in the future. Asking these key questions will help to identify what is important to your life. Recognise your values, understand your needs, and sort through the deluge of information that gets bombarded at us every day.

There is so much in the information around us that promotes ‘better living’ using images and models that are beyond the average experience. Not everyone fits in with images of beautiful youthful people, doing amazingly active things. Do these messages leave you dissatisfied with the life you are living? When we cannot achieve these in our own circumstances, it is hard not to feel we have failed in the game of life, in some way.

It is not living our best life, if we are simply on a treadmill, trying to pursue a sense of self that is created through achievement of lifestyle goals and owning particular goods.  This type of living is not sustainable.

Stay calm and be attentive to the way these messages affect you, even though you may not realise it.  Creating your best life begins by questioning what is expected as ‘normal’ and asking some key questions. Our true life satisfaction starts when we begin to make positive choices that benefit ourselves, our families, and our communities in which we live, and contribute..

Here are the Five Key questions for Creating your best life:

Are your goals really your own? Do they serve you?

Working out what is important and what values

    are truly our own is the first step.
    Here are 5 questions that I  find most helpful:
  1.  Are my goals  driven by an external
       demand or expectation, or really my own? and,

   2.   Do these goals align with my core values?

   3.   What choices have I overlooked that might
         bring greater alignment between what I do, and
         my personal values?
  4.   At the end of the day how do I really feel about            my life and where I am going?
5.   Do I need to reconsider my goals and priorities?

Some compromises are OK, some are not…

Once we have the answers to these questions, we can begin to do the things that will help create the life we really want. It will take time and energy, but it is definitely worth it. Within every goal and desire there are going to be positive and limiting aspects to each choice you make and it can be tricky working out what really works for you.
Knowing what we are prepared to do, and being ready to challenge our life circumstances to achieve the best that we can, is important.  Do you will feel more alive working outdoors, or within an office?  Do you prefer to work  on our own projects, or collaboratively? This knowledge tells us if we will best enjoy working in a group or solo.
Along the way you will be thinking more clearly about the compromises that you are willing to make, and those that are not negotiable.
The essential element is to make those choices that lead to greater satisfaction and more enjoyable life experiences.
nt and align within the heart.

Creating YOur Best life requires knowledge and intention:

Creating your best life is achieved by knowing yourself first: knowing your interests, skills and values, and giving priority to the things that you feel are important. Our values are the next key to understand when setting goals. If you want to assess your personal values, check out the Values in Action website for a free self evaluation.
If good relationships is one of your values, then doing things with family and friends, must be part of your priority. You will not be likely to enjoy long periods isolated and away from these valued relationships. If you have to do this, ensure to plan to do things that provide opportunities to develop respectful loving relationships.
So, how do the details of your life circumstances and opportunities compare with the self knowledge and values that you have identified? Sometimes adjustments are easy, but there may be some bigger changes that will take time to work through. Starting with simple changes can improve your sense of self esteem and confidence for taking bigger steps.

self knowledge GUIDES CHOICES for creating your best life.

It is important to realise that creating the life that you love is definitely not “one-size fits all”.  At various stages in life we find the need to give a higher priority to different activities. Where is your focus now ? Whatever stage you may be currently in,  you also need to prepare for the next step. Are you are generating income, building a career, or caring for another person? What do you need now, and what will you need in the future?

Whatever your circumstances, never compromise on doing something every day that is just for you. Support your own mental and physical well-being.

At the end of the day, it is your life to live! Pursuing self care goals that are attainable and sustainable will give you greater life-long satisfaction.


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